This month’s 10 on 10 project shows you what an average day looks like in our world.  It’s back to school which means a return to routine and I think everyone is relishing the ‘freshness’ of the familiar.

IMG 0003 10 on 10   The September EditionKicking off the day with a blueberry smoothie.

IMG 0291 10 on 10   The September EditionThe walk to school. My favourite part of the day:)

IMG 02981 10 on 10   The September EditionPretty socks are always a welcome accessory.

IMG 0307 10 on 10   The September EditionChipped nail polish never stopped anyone from manoeuvring on the monkey bars.

IMG 0342 10 on 10   The September EditionShadow play with friends. “Is that a fox on your head?”

IMG 0346 10 on 10   The September EditionNever enough sidewalk chalk!

IMG 0344 10 on 10   The September EditionThe sun is setting but the chalk is not.

IMG 0333 10 on 10   The September Edition Daddy love.

IMG 0198 10 on 10   The September EditionI’m six and a half and I read comic books, okay?

IMG 0277 10 on 10   The September EditionBefore I lay my head down to sleep I am given one last piece of goodness from the day.  A sunset with ribbons of colour and the hope of what tomorrow will bring.

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Until next month…

September 1, 2013 Harvest.

When I was younger I often heard “older people” (anyone not in their 20′s) talk about how much they loved gardening and I always thought that quilt making and gardening were – well – for “old folks.” While I always enjoyed keeping my house plants alive, I just never quite imagined I would enjoy sowing seeds, loving the smell of fresh earth and finding joy in growing and tending to my very own garden.  But, here I am, 38 years old and I can honestly say that I’ve eaten my words, and proved you should ‘never say “never”.’

I often think of my grandmas and how they each had very large garden’s their entire lives.  They fed their families with their harvest and worked past many sunsets to keep their beautiful produce alive and plentiful. I know how much they loved to share their harvest with friends and family. As I pick tomatoes I feel like packing them up and going door to door to my neighbours and offering them up.  ”Hi, I’m Cherish, your neighbour, would you care for some fresh kale?” It somehow feels like a natural part of the process of tending to the earth is sharing the rewards.  I think my grandmas would agree.

IMG 0213 Harvest.

IMG 0232 Harvest. IMG 0220 Harvest.

August 27, 2013 Dog days of summer.

For three blissful weeks we rented a house on a lake.  Those three weeks provided an endless supply of fun, sun, family and friends and all the goodness that comes from mixing those things. It’s fair to say we played HARD.  We swam every single day in the lake, hot-tubbed, rode our bikes, hiked, kayaked, lounged, napped, cooked, yodelled (why not?), danced, laughed, laughed some more, star gazed, moon gazed, loved and created a substantial amount of ah-mazing memories to pocket away for the years to come.  I have to say we’ve become rather good at this sort of R&R.  This was our fourth year coming to this magical spot and every year we bring new guests to share the love.  That’s what it’s all about.  The people – the relationships and the connections.

I have no more words this place. The photos will have to speak for themselves.  Till next year….

IMG 0028 2 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0040 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0034 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0003 2 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0290 Dog days of summer.

IMG 02871 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0047 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0205 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0208 Dog days of summer.

2x2 Grid Dog days of summer.

IMG 0247 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0354 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0392 Dog days of summer.

IMG 01732 Dog days of summer.

IMG 00091 Dog days of summer.

IMG 02181 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0384 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0035 Dog days of summer.

IMG 0031 Dog days of summer.

August 17, 2013 Simple fun.

Sometimes the entertainment is as simple as a stick and some bubbles.  All the fancy toys are left aside for the pleasure of popping bubbles with your treasured stick collection. Pure unadulterated joy.

IMG 0320 Simple fun.

IMG 0322 Simple fun.

IMG 0331 Simple fun.

IMG 03321 Simple fun.

IMG 0342 Simple fun.

IMG 0343 Simple fun.

IMG 0345 Simple fun.


This month’s 10 on 10 project finds us happily nesting at a lake house on Vancouver Island.  These happy days involve getting in and out of the lake multiple times a day, long bikes rides, boardgames, walks in the forest and the general freedom that comes with being in the country.  The girls relish the familiarity of this place and the new adventures and stories that inevitably unfold each year we visit.

The sights and sounds of being away from city life start to seep into my bones after a week and I start to feel the real benefit of a lengthly break from our busy everyday lives.  We wait all year for this trip and now that I am here I am so glad I have my camera around to capture the essence of easy summer days to tide me over during those long, wet winter months.

IMG 0051 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0057 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0067 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0210 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0173 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0332 August 10 on 10 project

Diptych 1 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0287 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0233 August 10 on 10 project

IMG 0185 August 10 on 10 project

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July 31, 2013 Summer in the city.

This has been a record breaking summer.  We are going on to something like our 34th day of straight sunshine here in Vancouver. As any pacific north coaster knows – this is unheard of!  We are relishing this heat and I can honestly say it’s a pleasure waking up to sun every single morning.  I now have a wee idea of why my Cali and Florida photographer pals always have such brilliant light in their photos:)

Summer in our little part of the world is looking like this so far.  Good bye July and we looking forward to lazy days at the lake in August.

IMG 00061 Summer in the city.

IMG 0231 Summer in the city.

IMG 0344 Summer in the city.

IMG 0430 Summer in the city.

IMG 0043 Summer in the city.

IMG 0377 Summer in the city.

IMG 0390 Summer in the city.

IMG 0397 Summer in the city.

IMG 0398 Summer in the city.

IMG 0436 Summer in the city.

IMG 0452 Summer in the city.

IMG 0099 Summer in the city.

IMG 0051 Summer in the city.


Well, that’s what I was calling it, anyway.  A jamboree might be stretching it, but the Bryck side of my family did all gather in the place we know as home – Saskatchewan, earlier this summer.  At one point there were 19 of us under one roof (including a camper and a shed renovated into a guest house!) at my aunt and uncles farm.  It was a weekend full of family lovin’, story telling, loud laughing, late night chats, bbq’s, bonfires, dancing, horseback riding, and so much more.  My girls loved every single minute they were there.  As we were riding back from “Big Ben” (see below) in the back of a pick-up truck (what else??), My oldest daughter turned to me as she gazed out at the vast prairies and said “they are so lucky they get to live there and be so free”.  She gets it and I love it.  There is something so tangible that happens to my little city girls when they head out to the farm.  The letting go and unencumbered exploration gives way to a new found sense of freedom.  I love watching it happen and I look froward to many more trips back to the farm.

IMG 0537 The family jamboree.

IMG 0336 The family jamboree.

IMG 03632 The family jamboree.

IMG 03482 The family jamboree.

IMG 03532 The family jamboree.

2x2 Grid The family jamboree.

IMG 03662 The family jamboree.

Of course there was a little riding tractor!

IMG 03682 The family jamboree.

IMG 0378 The family jamboree.

IMG 04022 The family jamboree.

Back of the pick up truck smiles.

IMG 0403 The family jamboree.

IMG 0412 The family jamboree.

On our way to “Big Ben”.

Through the beautiful canola fields.

IMG 0422 The family jamboree.

IMG 0425 The family jamboree.

IMG 0457 The family jamboree.

This is the top of the world – otherwise known as “Big Ben.” The best place to watch the sunset and listen to my cousin Alishia play her violin.  One of my favourites places to be.  After all, it’s become an annual tradition.

IMG 0440 The family jamboree.

IMG 0442 The family jamboree.

IMG 0445 The family jamboree.

IMG 0456 The family jamboree.

IMG 0459 The family jamboree.

IMG 0475 The family jamboree.

IMG 04962 The family jamboree.

IMG 0522 The family jamboree.

So many amazing memories from our trip. Thanks again to our family for making us feel so lucky. xo

Well, yesterday marked my 38th trip around the sun.  Upon reflection, I decided I am one very lucky gal so it was time to pay it forward and share some love.  That means I will be giving the gift of capturing the precious memories of  YOUR life.  One *free* lifestyle photography session with moi is up for grabs.  All you have to do to play along is “like” my Facebook page  (  AND share this post with all you friends.  Easy peasy.  It’s time for you to win!  Contest is open until end of  day on July 28th.  Happy sharing, my friends!

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