It was my month to select a photo for the group to ‘riff’ on.  My image is below.

2013 02 22Kristin 281 2 Riff On This   April

This was a session I did last year with my client Kristin.  We explored themes of sensuality, silliness, vulnerability and honesty.  My client was brave and choose to show the parts of her that aren’t always easy to share.  For her, I think it was less about revealing her body and more about confronting her insecurities by allowing herself to be playful, whimsical and see herself in a new light – with a new lens. Everyone has parts of themselves that are hard to embrace in ourselves – let alone in front of a camera. I applaud the act of stepping into the unknown and facing our fears.  I can relate to shielding parts of myself and hiding my vulnerabilities.  It takes courage to explore your unknown.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”
― Brené Brown

I’m sure Meghan Davidson has an interesting take on this photo…let’s have a look…


April 2, 2014 Maui Wowee

So we made a little trip to Hawaii over the spring break and I really can’t say one bad word about that place.  It was our first time to Maui and it most certainly won’t be the last.  The island is everything ‘they’ say it is; balmy tropical breezes, blue skies, warm ocean waves, big surf, silky sand beaches and it’s all wrapped up with an ultra laid back vibe 24/7.  Sigh.  Not so bad.

Here is a visual recap of our week away…

The epic surf I mentioned…
IMG 0010 Maui Wowee

Corny snapshots of our walk through tropical forests…IMG 0045 Maui Wowee

Wind in my hair…IMG 0071 Maui Wowee

Fresh prawns, fish, crab or any other seafood delights…
IMG 0102 Maui Wowee

Chillin’…IMG 0136 Maui Wowee

When we got tired of the beautiful beaches we were here…IMG 0139 Maui Wowee

Flowers in your hair…IMG 0164 Maui Wowee

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…”
IMG 0193 Maui Wowee

Party of one…IMG 0206 Maui Wowee

Cute lifeguards..ehm…safety first!IMG 0208 Maui Wowee

Playing with cousins…
M Gerace 001 3 Maui Wowee

Beachy babes…M Gerace 001 4 Maui Wowee

Lots of this – all the time…M Gerace 001 5 Maui Wowee

Nothing quite like a boy and his water gun…M Gerace 001 Maui Wowee

Adventure and exploration…
IMG 0053 Maui Wowee

More than a few stops for one of these!!IMG 0064 Maui Wowee

Some crazy young dude doing this…IMG 0081 Maui Wowee

Black sand on my toes…IMG 0097 Maui Wowee

The hangover from the luau…IMG 0151 Maui Wowee

Take me back – soon please!!

March 10, 2014 Photo Riffing

Every month a few of my favourite photographers and I get together online to share our project “Photo Riff”.  The premise is that each month a new person in the group shares a photo with us and we are to interpret and respond to it with our own photo(s).  Last month Tara Romasanta kicked things off with her photo and I’m happy to share Meghan’s Davidson‘s image below for our inspiration this month.  I have to admit that this image was somewhat daunting and intimidating for me because I think it is so wonderful and although we are given no information about the photo, I do know this double exposure was done with a polaroid and likely her only shot and well – I’d say she more than nailed it.  Speaking of daunting, Meghan has embarked on a photo project of her own that has seen her through almost a full year of shooting a self portrait a day – every day for 365 days on polaroid!  She is nearing the end of her epic journey and I’m so proud to have watched her conquer this immense task and see her creativity burst.  If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!

So after dealing with my intimidation of this beautiful image I thought long and hard about how it spoke to me.  I decided to explore the concept of what it means to be layered and what we see isn’t always what we get.  A double exposure is the perfect example if merging different images to create a deeper story. All of us have many layers, some that we keep hidden and others that we share with the world.

Here is Meghan’s Photograph…

1891590 10152053010919821 1959632119 o 837x1024 Photo Riffing

Here is mine…

option3 1024x682 Photo Riffing

“You have so many layers, that you can peel away a few, and everyone’s so shocked or impressed that you’re baring your soul, while to you it’s nothing, because you know you’ve twenty more layers to go.” ~ Craig Thompson

Now off to see what Corinna Robbins has up her sleeve…

February 10, 2014 Riff On This.

Welcome to the new photo project that I am participating in with some of my best pals.  The deal is that each month one person will select one of their photos and share it with us.  No information is given about the photo – we are simply supposed to take it in and then respond to it with our own photographs.  It’s a little like a jazz riff.  We all take something different from the selected photo and share our unique perspectives.  So – here is this month’s photo by Tara Romasanta.

1656127 10152216767880309 1005793596 n Riff On This.

Now although I don’t know the context of this photo I do know these two little boys and I know they are brothers.  What I took from this photo is a sense of love, security, family, strength and the feeling that these two will have each other’s backs…through thick and thin. I also know these two boys are very well loved and taken care of by their family.  These boys have bright futures and will have each other to see them through their own life journeys.  My response to these thoughts was to look at the idea of people who do not have this kind of support and love in their lives – people who might feel alone. I explored this theme in downtown Vancouver. I chose to capture those who looked lonely or were alone.  Without knowing their stories, these photographs are taken with license for interpretation by the viewer.

IMG 00171 Riff On This.

IMG 0006 Riff On This.

IMG 0050 Riff On This.

IMG 0022 Riff On This.

IMG 0052 Riff On This.

IMG 0037 Riff On This.

IMG 0012 Riff On This.

IMG 00241 Riff On This.

Head over to see how Meghan Davidson riffed on the photo….

January 23, 2014 Serendipity

There is a special island that has my name on it. By that I mean it is a spot we have been visiting for years, and have often looked at moving to this little piece of rock and forest.   A twenty minute ferry ride from Vancouver, Bowen Island is a little gem of a community where I can imagine my family and I settling in quite nicely. Last weekend we were fortunate to do a house swap with Shannon, a new kindred of mine. Not only was her home a dreamy slice of coziness, but our days were filled with visiting some of our favourite spots and upon leaving I knew this would someday be home. Until then, I will enjoy the visits and keep dreaming of my place in the woods…

IMG 0002 Serendipity

IMG 0168 Serendipity

IMG 0171 Serendipity

IMG 0175 Serendipity

IMG 0177 Serendipity

IMG 01921 Serendipity

IMG 01961 Serendipity

IMG 02021 Serendipity

IMG 02131 Serendipity

IMG 0226 Serendipity

IMG 0234 Serendipity

January 10, 2014 Restart

For this month’s edition of the “10 on 10″ project we picked the theme “restart”.  I won’t deny it – I struggled with this one.  I’m not sure if it’s the post holidays blues, my general lack of energy, my waning creative juju or a myriad of other excuses I could use.  I believe Deb Cowie, one of our contributors, said it best “this project is helping me embrace imperfection”.  So true.  Sometimes when we place parameters on our work we are forced to challenge ourselves in that new space and we have wins and hmmm…well some loses.  However, the longer I’m in my photographic journey the more I realize how much magic lies in the seemingly “imperfect” shots.

So, onward and into restarting…

Most of the days look a lot like this…dark and wet…

IMG 0406 Restart

When the sun peeks out we head off to one of our favourite places, like the bird sanctuary, to remember that being somewhere we love helps to raise our spirits and gift us with exploration and adventure.

IMG 0041 Restart

IMG 0045 Restart

The summer sunsets always tend to trump everything, but this year I have been noticing the beauty of winter sunsets and how the colours and moods are so different than those in the warm months.

IMG 0068 Restart

I’ve always been an avid reader but sometime last fall I lost my way.  I’ve kept up with my non-fiction reading, but it feels like a while since I’ve really fell hard for a good juicy novel.  I now realize how important fiction can be for my imagination and creativity.  I love to get lost in a good story.  I’m actively trying to get back on that path.  I blame Netflix for leading me astray.  Damn TV.

IMG 0299 Restart

Meghan – this one’s for you.  This may not be our kitchen, but we are committed to having frequent and spontaneous dance parties.

IMG 0356 Restart

Ah domestic drudgery.  Anyone have any good ideas about how to restart/revive my outlook on this whole subject??

IMG 0360 Restart

Thanks to most of the women involved in this project, I am reigniting my desire to shoot with film.  Over the past year I have been doing more of it and enjoying the process.

IMG 0365 Restart

I was in yoga class the other day and they asked us to bring an intention for this new year to mind.  I chose to cultivate creativity.  I’m looking to build, cultivate, grow and nurture some new creative seedlings.  Hopefully over the course of this year I will learn to take more risks creatively and push myself to explore. Fingers crossed.

IMG 0375 Restart

OK – enough of my blabbing.  Let’s see how our pal Meghan Davidson looks to explore the theme “restart”…

January 2, 2014 Grey Day

Happy New Year to you.  It’s time to dust off the blog and polish it up for 2014.

Sometimes things are black and white, but mostly our world and the issues we all struggle with are a thousand shades of grey.  As I recover from post holiday gluttony, roll out my yoga mat and say hello to a new year, I approach it with an open heart.  I never do well during these long dark months and January and February are often the bleakest as I put away all those shiny decorations, the party calendar empties and I need to heal my mind and body from a fairly hedonistic December.

I grabbed my camera the other day and captured my girls as they are in our everyday lives.  My love for these two is black and white and omnipresent, but parenthood teaches me how to see the shadows with an open heart and embrace the beauty of grey.

IMG 0391 Grey Day
IMG 0409 Grey Day

IMG 0412 Grey Day

IMG 0424 Grey Day

IMG 0432 Grey Day

IMG 0436 Grey Day

IMG 0446 Grey Day

This month’s 10 on 10 project has us all exploring the theme “festive”.  A fairly easy thing to do as we are in the full hustle and bustle of things.  This season is full of reasons to be festive and I don’t tend to shy away from all things sparkly and bright.

This weekend had us participating in many forms of festive.  Come and take a peek…

The annual school Christmas market was a success and we even managed to pick up our tree, a wreath and poinsettia’s all in one spot!IMG 0042 10 on 10   the December edition.

There were numerous cups of hot chocolate to warm our hands and hearts.IMG 0054 10 on 10   the December edition.

You need to get there early to snag the good treats – see below.  Someone scored a pretty yummy looking caramel apple.IMG 0035 10 on 10   the December edition.

Here is the greenest way to get your tree home…IMG 0032 10 on 10   the December edition.

I mentioned I love sparkles, right?IMG 0017 10 on 10   the December edition.

Then home to decorate the tree.  The lights are the best part for me. I can’t seem to embrace the ‘new’ LED lights  - the colour just isn’t right for me.  I’m old school all the way.IMG 0183 10 on 10   the December edition.

The decorations continued outside as well.IMG 0162 10 on 10   the December edition.

Luckily we had a cute elf to help us out.
IMG 0139 10 on 10   the December edition.

There was a man, a ladder and some lights.  It all ended well:) Phew.IMG 0128 10 on 10   the December edition.

In the evening we were off to a holiday party and it was my turn to wear the sparkle. Yay.
IMG 0088 10 on 10   the December edition.

Now go check out what ‘festive’ looks like for Meghan Davidson.  Let’s hope it involves a martini.