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April 08 2013 Behind The Lens

I worship at the altar of coffee. I am a loud laugher. I love to sing in the shower, in the car and don’t even get me started with Christmas carols. I’m a prairie girl at heart, but enjoy the perks of urban living (sushi!). I like to take photos every day. I like to get dirt under my fingernails and yet always appreciate a good manicure. I am always reading more than one book at a time. If you come over to my house, don’t look in the cupboards, they are very are unorganized. However, I can pour you a stiff cocktail and tell you a juicy story. I love rotary phones and record players. I am drawn to meeting people and hearing their stories.  I spend way too much time looking at pretty pictures over here. I am fueled by my family. They keep me real, honest and on most days a little tired and a whole lot of happy.  I am passionate about creating lasting memories, savouring the everyday and taking photographs of the moments we all want to remember. 

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