July 25, 2012 besties

I remember my first best friend.  We were inseparable.  We got in trouble for giggling in class and whispered secrets all day long.  We played dress up and each took turns being the queen.  It wasn’t always perfect.  We fought over who would get to play with the long haired Barbie and would get our feelings hurt when someone took the teasing a little too far.  All in all though, it was a special time.  We were discovering ourselves as mush as we were learning how to build a relationship.

I may be biased, but little girls are special.  It gives me so much pleasure to watch these little beings soak in all the fun and frivolity that childhood brings. Watching these girls grow and develop their friendship makes me smile.

IMG 0204 13 besties

IMG 0159 21 besties

IMG 0161 23 besties

IMG 0164 26 besties

IMG 0167 29 besties

IMG 0176 38 besties

IMG 0195 4 besties

2 Responses to “besties”

  1. tamar says:

    what little beauties. yes girls are special indeed. you rock girls! (boys are special too she says as her son is bashing toys up in the next room!) :)

    • Cherish says:

      Well, yes, pigtails and giggles are fun, but from what I understand, there is *very* special bond between mothers and sons:)