There are many things I love. Coffee, red wine, cheese and ice cream are right up there near the top of the list. Although I’d love to believe that my palette lends itself to a mature sophistication of dark bold espresso, the brisk acidity of a Syrah, the rich, somewhat nutty flavour of fresh Asiago, I also need to acknowledge the nurture portion of the nature/nurture equation.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I grew up in Saskatchewan. One of the mainstays in many of the small towns that scatter the flat plains is the ‘town Dairy Queen’.  I have fond memories of going there with my Grandma.  She would let me pick whatever I wanted…whenever I wanted it.  Driving through the desolate prairies on a road trip meant one thing – when we got to the next town we could stop for ice cream.   There were no fancy Italian cafe’s serving Gelato, just good ole DQ.  Consequently my Achilles’ heel is that delicious soft serve.  Although I have been known to go on solo DQ missions when the cravings get bad, I do like to share my love for the stuff with my family. Evidently it agrees with them too.

Waiting. “Where is it, Mommy??”

IMG 0317 33 Let them eat ice cream!

Sweet Hallelujah.  It arrived.

IMG 0321 37 Let them eat ice cream!

Me: “Can I have some?” Her: I don’t think so.

IMG 0327 43 Let them eat ice cream!

IMG 0330 46 Let them eat ice cream!

Getting messy is half the fun.

IMG 0340 56 Let them eat ice cream!

Forget it. I’m getting my own.

IMG 0343 59 Let them eat ice cream!

Did you say something about chocolate?

IMG 0345 61 Let them eat ice cream!

Ice cream coma.

IMG 0347 63 Let them eat ice cream!

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