I did some commercial work last month for the Donnelly Group, which owns an operates an impressive amount of bars, nightclubs and pubs in Vancouver.  The owner is a local Vancouverite who favours supporting local charities.  Last year I worked with them to produce images for a city wide campaign supporting the Food Bank.

FoodBank CBS Billboard V7.5 01 1024x525 local commercial work

FoodBank CBS Transit V7 final 01 715x1024 local commercial work

Most recently I had the opportunity to do a shoot for them and DOXA (Documentary Film Festival).  It was a lot of fun to work with Smak, one of Canada’s top media agencies, to produce these posters that will be profiled on bus stops and billboards around Vancouver next month.

It’s always a pleasure to do work for local companies who support local charities and events.

CBS Billboard DOXA local commercial work

CBS Transit Doxa copy 720x1024 local commercial work

5 Responses to “local commercial work”

  1. D. & M. Bryck says:

    Really want a DOXA festive poster on my bus stop! Or else….

  2. Corinna says:

    Really beautiful. Nice work!

  3. tamar says:

    Cherish, great work my friend. I am sure there will be many more to come. It goes without saying with your talent :)

  4. Oh, it looks great, Cherish!

  5. Andrew says:

    Awesome! Great work Cherish!